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We work with startups and businesses to help them harness the power of the Internet and make their vision become a reality. We collaborate with enduring brands that strive to improve the world.


We worked with the world largest media company to update their brand image through an improved logo and a blazing-fast website.

Who are the future athletes?

Sure, you want to look far. But that’s often difficult because the here-and-now demands so much of our attention. When a global sportswear brand approached us to help their R&D innovation team better understand future opportunities, we were game. We conducted trend and foresight research, curated and published a weekly newsletter and facilitated expert panels. Our work highlighted future trends inside and outside of their industry to inform, inspire and empower the team’s design strategy. We watched as each interaction sparked new team member conversations, boosted confidence in trend awareness, and challenged the team to pivot its program approaches midstream to stay ahead of the future curve. By bringing foresight into the daily work environment, we built a strong thread from the realities of today to the possibilities of the future.

What’s next after the smoothie?

Confidential / U.S. APPLIANCE BRAND 
This food prep brand was an original engineering innovator and one-time leader in the industry — your parents probably have one of their products! But it was losing ground to new brands, who were riding the smoothie wave. Instead of examining how people turn the knobs on their appliances, we focused on how people’s relationship with food and health is evolving. Our extensive foresight research was culled from progressive consumers globally and interviews with experts ranging from a New York Times lifestyle columnist to a Tokyo food influencer. It revealed that something far more methodical than smoothies — batch-prep meal bases and hyper-personal elixirs — are what’s next. This vision fueled three radically new product designs.

Is Gen Z changing everything?

We’d never presume to speak for an entire generation, especially one that we don’t belong to. But we have a good handle on where Gen Z is headed. We’ve spent years talking with teens and twentysomethings, studying their work and ideas for foresight workshops with leadership teams at SXSW and Google. Our focused approach — co-creating alongside Gen Z to understand why they have the most wide-ranging and flexible mindset of any generation — yields a fascinating perspective on a generation that will live out future trends. Instead of tracking their behaviors today, we’re projecting how Gen Z will change the world tomorrow.

How does foresight complement insight?

Insight typically reveals the complexities of what’s close at hand. Foresight can take that near view and push it into the future, so you can tap new opportunities. From the outside it can feel like a mystical, mysterious process, but it’s not that complicated. Insight research was already a rich part of our healthcare client's innovation process. We designed a series of creative workshops to train their expert insight team in foresight techniques — helping strengthen long-term visioning and decision-making throughout the organization. Because understanding how to analyze what could be possible is good business.

Can a vision unite an industry?

Excited about leading in sustainable innovation at scale, our partner had a vision but needed help crafting it.  We agreed on the task: Climate change is real, and urgent, and incremental change isn’t the solution. Let’s make a vision that not just inspires our members to act– but challenges them to  – and provides them with the support to do it collaboratively. The result of our partnership was a bold new vision for the OAI SWG,‘ To become the world’s first climate positive industry by 2030.  To support the vision a Climate Action Corps plan was created to OIA’s members in sustainable innovation for years to come.

How do you shift a culture of waste?

Portland, Oregon, is known for its green spaces, bike commuters, and mandatory curbside composting and recycling. But for all that, we discovered that the community felt the city had lost its edge in sustainable leadership. We wanted to inspire a bold new vision. So we conducted trend research and a citizen survey about attitudes toward waste, then facilitated big-dreaming community design workshops. We brought together entrepreneurs, creative designers, city managers and waste haulers to ponder research-supported storylines like What if trash became the most valuable resource in our communities? and How could Portland become a global model city by 2050? By the time we’d finished, we co-created an audacious vision for the future, grounded in community needs and sparked by unconventional thinking about people’s relationship to waste.
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